Description: A Mix of old traditional German Christmas Songs in a form of a Medley performed on traditional German instruments

Description: Classical, Classical-Baroque (1650 1750), Airy, Angelic, Atmospheric, Beautiful, Bright, Brilliant, Celestial, Childlike, Delicate, Peaceful, Nature, Dreamy, Warm, Tender, Sparkling, Simple, in a Emotional, Heartwarming mood, featuring Bells, Tubular Bells, with a Slow tempo

Description: christmas instrumental featuring trumpet. There is a hip sense of groove and cool about this holiday version. Superior. Very hip, jazzy and cool

Description: christmas instrumental featuring trumpet piano, guitar and percussion. A jazzy approach..

Description: A pretty version of this classic with a romantic vibe. A nice feel comes from gentle percussion, organ, piano, bells and upright bass.

Description: Wonderful instrumental version of this traditional Christmas classic. Stunning orchestral strings, with a playful piano that is melodic and warm, delightful touch of pizzicato strings give the track a light hearted vibe. perfect for underscore as well as background music, phone on-hold. Will work well for commercial/internet advertising.

Description: Joyful, Family, Good Times, Dinner, Presents, Shopping, Jesus Birthday

Description: I've had a lot of fun working with public domain Christmas Music. This is one of my better efforts.

Description: Jazzy big-band arrangement of the popular Christmas classic, capturing the festive season. Uplifting and fun!

Description: uplifting big band jazz track with dynamic orchestration

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