Description: charming new original seasonal composition reflecting the sparkling beauty and glistening wonders of winter.

Description: Christmas feelings abound in a Tchaikovski.

Description: This is a cheerful and joyful orchestral Christmas tune composed for the winter and holiday season. It is packed with awesome strings, fanfare trumpets, majestic horns, trombones, snare drums, a nice choir and of course the obligatory bells, glockenspiel, celesta and harp sounds that define the ultimate Santa sound. Perfect for every project that needs merry music for the best time of the year.

Description: Warm, bright and inviting Christmas ukuleles and guitars. Friendly and family orientated, strumming ukuleles welcome you to the festive season with this catchy jingle perfect for use in radio and television commercials. For wholesome family products through to services with that personal touch. 60sec and 30sec with or without backing vocals

Description: classic hollywood arrangement of the traditional yuletide carol.

Description: Jazzy big-band arrangement of the popular Christmas classic, capturing the festive season. Uplifting and fun!

Description: Warm and dreamy rendition of a holiday classic.

Description: Bright and glistening hip-hop Christmas mash up. Mid-tempo, contemporary groove with the full-on flavour of the festive season. Logo front, also with lots of stops for easy editing and flexible use. Sound modern and cool this Christmas - perfect for youth orientated product commercials. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: classic hollywood arrangement of the traditional yuletide carol featuring disney-like orchestrations.

Description: Delightful Christmas melody, playful and happy, perfect for advertising and commercial underscore

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