Description: Quirky Hip Hop instrumental featuring strings, synths, and computerized effects. Possible uses can range from funny scenes, commercials, trailers, etc.

Description: Police themed west coast rap beat

Description: Hip Hop Instrumental that is driven from beginning to end. Resembles the clubbers from the mid 2000’s from the Atlanta Heyday. Track is 3:06 long at 79 BPM. Can be chopped easily. Arrangement is 4 bar intro, 3 -8 bar hooks, and 2 12 bar verses. These can be rearranged in any way. Instruments Used : Heavy Saw Synths, Light and bouncy sine synths. Sampled Cello pizzi, and 808 drum samples.

Description: Upbeat Hiphop style loop with strong beat, horn stabs and scratching. Low / mid tempo.

Description: Real smooth west coast hip hop/R&B kick back jam

Description: Dramatic hip hop violin loop. Can be used for action or adventure scenes in film. This track is a perfect loop so it can be looped as many times as needed.

Description: Themed Hip Hop instrumental featuring piano, strings, electric guitar, bells, and moderate bass. Possible uses can range from "response" type songs, dark scenes, "street smart/writing a letter" type web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: 45 second royalty free hip hop and urban music cue, rap and urban background music

Description: hip hop, new school, old school, synths, dj, modern, sound a like, heavy beat