Description: Fashion stylish hip hop/ funky groove. Elements of Funk and Indie, beautiful melody perfectly suited for video presentations, demo videos, commercials, YouTube’s video, presentations, motivational clips, sports clips.

Description: Clubby rnb / hip hop track mixed with electronic elements, inspired by Timbaland. This Track comes up with a grooving baseline, an energetic drum set, orchestral elements and vintage strings from the mellow-tron. Positive and aggressive at the same time.

Description: Smooth Hiphop track, with a little bounce to it. Thanks for listening and purchasing!

Description: urban tension instrumental perfect for TV/Film

Description: This is an dirty south instrumental it has catch melody to it. This type of beat is what mainstream artists such as Rick Ross, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake, and others uses. This has a trap style to it and it has various build ups, break downs, and changes while keeping the same feel this is industry standard.

Description: Urban hip hop, suitable for lots of different projects, multiple version, instrumental and rap versions, high end production from my work with major hip hop stars in the field, this is one of my many hip hop tracks to found here, hope you enjoy !

Description: A south style rap beat with hard drums and a modern electronic influence. perfect for adding your own verses!

Description: A cool funky get the poles out ladies! Classic Hip Hop and moving track with extensive male vocals,

Description: Experimental electro-hop, trip-hop. Smooth sound of many keyboards. The monotonous rhythm of the video with the VoiceOver. Music gives the feeling of flying, of space around, a large amount of air.

Description: Energetic heavy hip/hop instrumental that feels inspirational.