Description: Quality hip hop, you're in Urban Gangsta rap hip-hop beats, lyrical beats, hip hop mixes pop, rap bits (minus one). Remer beats prod.- Bits from us to you buy will not regret varied selection also cons for Battle (45 seconds) for the bits of break dance and much more.

Description: This hip-hop track gives off a sense of determination and struggle to achieve a goal. Can work well as a music bed behind a video project, trailer, website or commercial.

Description: high energy old school style for dramatic productions, film, TV, theatrical, video games and similar media needing music to reflect specific moods, emotions and drama. Action. Energetic track.

Description: Hip-hop instrumental with cold mood and arabic notes.

Description: Dramatic, dark and very intense hip-hop beat for your projects. I hope you like it.

Description: Energetic and very catchy hip hop instrumental for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

Description: This is a track representing the loneliness of sitting by yourself and staring out the window as the rain pours down and you think about your life and where it went wrong. It's also the perfect backdrop for any rapper who has a story to tell, especially a sad or serious one. Even so, the tight, bouncy drums still manage to get inside your head and make you move as the pianos, bass and synth make you think and feel.

Description: Flanged hip hop drums and a gamelan are the primary features in this downtempo, alternative hip hop track. If you like DJ Krush you'll like this. Made with plenty of space to leave room for your final use, whatever that may be.

Description: Old skool gangsta hardcore bad ass jam. Hard driving, head bopin' and tough!

Description: step up to the challange as this beat sets the mood.