Description: Tension building hip hop using strings,drums. Similar to reality show cues.

Description: "My Dream" is a groovy and funky west coast type song with a catchy hook. It resembles Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's style of beats/songs with that funky flavor. Good for a party scene or a riding around track, as it has a cool summer vibe to it.

Description: Modern hip hop instrumental track with a cool vibe and chill tempo.

Description: Hip Hop Rap done in a retro and white male suburban style, with a catchy chorus and snappy, satirical, humorous, and very suggestive lyrics

Description: Hip Hop instrumental with a semi south / underground feel, featuring piano and strings.Possible uses can range from songs, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: Dramatic hip hop underscore for a reality type show or film -- perfect for the elimination round or a scene of conflict.

Description: hip hop instrumental.

Description: hit quality hip-hop instrumentals.