Description: Powerful and dark drums, a west coast lead synth melody, low panning acoustic bass note, a distorted rhodes riff, and a reverse bass sample / A TV or Film cue for a street, gangster, or drug lord scene. Could also be used for a comedy scene making fun of any of those things.

Description: Thick very catchy hooky keyboard melody, strong banging drums, bright panning piano chords, and rich layered synth bass / A TV or Film cue for any upbeat and happy scene

Description: A panning keyboard / rhodes riff, ambient sound textures, smooth low analog bass guitar, and powerful MPC style drum programming / think DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, and Pete Rock / This track would work for any TV or Film that needed a mellow, thoughtful, of peaceful sound

Description: Strong keyboard stabs and lead melody, banging drums, spacey sound effects, and panning wah guitar / think Mr. Collipark style production / Pefect for a club or dance scene in a Film or TV cue

Description: Strong orchestral strings & percussion hook melody, low bass, sub bass, and banging drums with bouce / think strong dirty south style track / perfect for a Film or TV cue for MTV

Description: Low 808 bass sub, banging drums, 808 hat and snare, and techno / trance synth lines / think tiesto works with lil john

Description: 808 Bass, snare, and hat, hard banging drums, shaker, west coast hook lead synth, funky guitar and bass combo, and keyboard fx / think old school west cost meets ATL

Description: Jazzy MPC style rhodes chord stabs, a hooky pan flute melody, low analog synth and electric guitar bass, B-3 organ riffs, horn stabs, bogas, and strong drums / think light jazz meets todays hard banging drums

Description: Strong string hits, trance style keyboard melody, low sub bass, jazz piano riff, sound fx synths, 808 snare and hats, and hard banging drums / think dirty south meets trance

Description: A funky drum and guitar loop, hard banging drums, low funky electric bass, a smooth 80's style rhodes keyboards, strings, and horn stabs / think 70's meets 80's meets today funky Hip-hop