Description: A dark ambient track filled with frightening atmosphere, funeral bell sounds, scary screams, wind howling, etc.

Description: Magical, cinematic, child-like fantasies, from a forest underworld inhabited by elves and fairies to wondrous castles filled with memories of past childhoods. Opens with minimal celesta and gradually builds, then dissolves away. Light Orchestra & choir. Various cuts and mixes including 60sec, 30sec & stings

Description: This piece is inspired by the ever growing genre of Steampunk. A Victorian era steam powered sci fi world of gears, clocks, and old school electronic noise.

Description: Ghostly Theme tune for a paranormal show maybe

Description: Fast moving,energy track that has rhythmic breaks

Description: A sad track with cold atmosphere that reminds of the rainy night spent alone somewhere in the dark place.

Description: a nice orchestral style errie gothic sound perhaps telling a story.

Description: Dark super hero theme, exciting, orchestra and choir

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