Description: To Mega Therion is an ambient, electronic piece featuring the theremin.

Description: Romantic and emotional music. Nice and easy remember piano melody and love and passion you will feel.. Very useful to use in any kind of project like business and marketing, presentations, openings, video display, after effect projects, games, websites, corporate and commerce works, intros, logo or ident works, film trailer and TV projects...

Description: Horror Sound, scary and tension fear sound, you can use it in any kind of projects that has dramatic panic feeling in it. You can use it in games, AE projects, presentations, openings, corporate and commerce projects...

Description: Good stuff for video games, movie trailers and epic plot.

Description: Cyber industrial ambient electro with a dynamic feel of mystery and suspense. Hypnotic, groovy tension with cool, modern elements. Available in many other alternate cues: main version / no percussions / softer version / 60sec / stinger CSI, investigation & crime, dramatic dark urban freaky, edgy aggressive feel. Creates tension and builds suspense, with a spacey ending.

Description: When The Stars Collide Remixed.mp3 is a track created for you tube videos, film and commercials

Description: Darkness to Sunlight.mp3 is a track created for you tube videos, film and commercials

Description: Decadence mood composition with many guitars, percussion and keyboards. Unexpectedly fast tempo.

Description: Electronic funky track with lots of rhythmic variety to keep you moving forward. Heavy synth sounds and rhythms

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