Description: Fresh, funky and animated track. Perfect opening for your TV show, youtube channel, advertising and other projects.

Description: Laid back funk piece created with drums, bass, guitars, brass, e.piano, e.organ. Positive groovy music track for commercial, vlog, podcast, video about journey or summer vacation. Great tune for your needs.

Description: An energetic and uplifting groovy disco funky theme, features overdrive electric guitars, fast drums, tight bass, brass section and vocal hooks. Positive funk music for corporate and business videos, vlogs, tv show, podcast intro, presentations and animations that have an upbeat, fun, pop punk, exciting, good time, happy, and successful scenes. 115BPM, Em. Thank you.

Description: I was just slapping my bass and creating new harmonies

Description: Funky and hip-hop background music track with swinging groove, modern vocal samples, funky brass section, tight bass, guitars and upbeat and uplifting mood. Positive music for motivational, games, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials and visuals corporate and business videos, presentations, and animations that have an upbeat, fun, pop funk, exciting, good time, happy, and successful scenes. 102BPM, Em. Thank you.

Description: Funky synths, drums and electric piano with a prog solo outburst. Perfect track for tutorials and cool commercials looking for something alternative.

Description: A groovy electro track, featuring retro funk drums, warm deep bass and cool guitar and keyboard sounds. Use it for your stylish, fashion, lounge and chill videos.

Description: Fun, jumpy Pop track with guitar, funky synth leads and solid, punchy beat. Great for happy, uplifting, motivational use.

Description: Instrumentation is made up of acoustic rhythm guitar, electric upright bass percussion and drums featuring rich and sustained piano This romantic music bed is a medium tempo latin bolero. It has a classic sound with discreetly featured rich and sustained piano solo. It's a medium tempo at 96 bpm track in the key of F major, and the track form is 8 bar intro with a 32 bar chorus starting bar 9 ending at bar 40 which repeats 2 times. The acoustic background underscore in a neutral mood, is right for projects in need of music composed with low energy. Thank you for listening and purchasing.

Description: fresh funky tune with a gritty upbeat drum pattern

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