Description: Steamy & raunchy, strutting electric guitar, rock & pop underscore. This specially composed radio & television commercial is steady, funky and solid with a real grungy vibe. Great for fashion products, cars & motorbikes, boys toys or any ads with attitude. Features heavy rock guitars & drum kit. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Funky wah-wah groove. Simple strong driving beat with groovy strat electric guitar riff and Rhodes electric piano wah-wah punctuation. Works well for cat walk fashion and finance. Also, drama movement, documentary and radio and television commercials. Stripped back funk. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Funky disco groove. Takes you straight back to the New York dance floors of the 70s, at the birth of disco. This underscore has it all - dance beats, punchy brass and funky wah-wah electric guitar. Great for retro pop documentary, film score, through to radio and television commercials. Main plus commercial length mixes