Description: new age instrumental landscape images. Fingerstyle guitar with an acoustic americana edge

Description: Driven by a finger picked guitar and strummed ukulele, this song is low key but driving with a steady rhythm. Positive and optimistic, yet sentimental, nostalgic and with a wistful feeling. Perfect for background music where a feeling of memory and looking back is required.

Description: Driven by briskly finger picked acoustic guitars and flavored by piano and electric piano, this hypnotic but driving track crosses the boundary between uncertainty and hopefulness. Medium paced, it begins on a minor chord but moves into a more optimistic and positive sounding chorus.

Description: arrange by kamuran ebeoglu length : 3:27 formated : mp3/192kbps size : 4.76 mb.

Description: folk song about deciphering life and goals.

Description: this is a beautiful work with lots of roots instruments and a nice reflective message.

Description: fingerstyle acoustic steel string guitar with classical guitar and mandolin. great for italian or southwest scene.

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