Description: A very happy and hopeful song driven by strummed nylon stringed guitar accompanied by a strummed ukulele. Piano, glockenspiel, electric piano and some percussion adds flavor to this fun tune. Use anywhere a sense of optimism and enjoyment needs to be invoked.

Description: 60 second loop featuring brightly strummed ukulele, picked acoustic guitar, and drums. Fast paced and happy sounding, this song is reminiscent of summer and sun, and children playing on the beach or in a schoolyard. Perfect for background music for webcasts, radio, television, advertisements, or personal presentations. Loops seamlessly.

Description: Recorded with fingerpicked and strummed acoustic guitar and light piano, this song is mellow and sentimental while remaining optimistic and positive. Evoking feelings of a walk through the woods in early autumn, this song is perfect background music for personal or corporate presentations, webcasts, television or radio advertising. A looped version can be made available upon request to buyers of this song.

Description: 60 second loop featuring lightly finger picked acoustic guitar, piano, a pad sound, and electric piano. The feeling is very light and subtle - imagine being out camping on a summer evening, watching the sun set. Mellow, laid back and folksy.

Description: This is a very bright and bouncy summery piece driven by the tinkly strumming of a ukulele accompanied by a bass and a simple piano melody. For the second half of the track some light electric piano and a tambourine are added to help the music drive. This track would be perfect background music for any happy or childlike presentation.

Description: Solo acoustic guitar track with confident strumming.

Description: 60 second loop featuring finger picked acoustic guitar, strummed ukulele, and a light piano. Designed for unobtrusive, mellow background music, the chords are very simple and flow very well. Evokes images of lying on a beach, watching the waves. Slow paced but drives well. Very positive, optimistic, and relaxed. The acoustic nature of the instruments give it a folksy, woody feel - very laid back and nice. Perfect for background music for corporate or personal presentations, or for voice over work for tv, film, radio, webcasts, etc. Loops seamlessly.

Description: Hopeful, fun and upbeat acoustic guitar. Medium fast tempo.

Description: Great upbeat banjo and mandolin instrumental! From traditional American and Irish fiddle tunes.

Description: The warm acoustic guitar is gentle & fresh. The carefree upright bass is cheerful & bouncy. The bright glockenspiel bells are optimistic light & hopeful. The playful Ukelele is innocent & youthful. The vibrant melodica is intelligent & quirky. the calm drums & breezy tambourine are relaxed & upbeat.

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