Description: Lyrical subtle acoustic guitar composition that reflects your feelings either friendship, partnership, support and trust or any other images and status related with positive process and interaction.

Description: Acoustic guitar and piano blend in a warm, flowing, and positive cue.

Description: This beautiful background music is a happy and upbeat fun instrumental featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, bells.

Description: Cute and fun ukulele piece. The small version is a simple mix while the full version has added bass and drums.

Description: Acoustic guitar with addition instruments give this track a sense of introspection and calm.

Description: An upbeat, fun and joyful track with glockenspiel, ukulele, drums, piano and lots of cheer. This quirky folk background music is melodic and light yet full of positive energy. Great for happy visuals, friendship videos, youtube intros, sweet stories of childhood, loving memories as well as uplifting stories of home or even traveling on a journey. Fresh, young and modern.

Description: This folk track featuring violins brings a sentiment of nostalgia and adventure.

Description: Another happy ukulele and piano song bringing thoughts of fun and dancing with friends and loved ones. Lots of percussion and catchy melodies to drive the song, and your project too!

Description: Solo Acoustic Guitar, Tonal, Peaceful

Description: Ethnic - Zydeco - A raucous gumbo of Cajun and Zydeco jambalaya ala New Orleans rocked out with a guitar playing the lead inspiring a Two-Step dance. 187 BPM, Very Fast