Description: Positive and uplifting track with bright and joyful feel. This mid-tempo arrangement features catchy whistles, ukulele, claps, glockenspiel, marimba, strings, bass and drums. This cheerful instrumental track will surely bring the joy and happy feeling to a wide range of promotional media, including cute and fun marketing videos, corporate motivational videos, business retreat and events vlogs, as well as other marketing material related to fun, having good time, achieving progress, and celebrating.

Description: Great for video and documentaries, corporate branding, ad campaigns, technology, business development, science documentary, website, tv show, etc.

Description: NOTE: This instrumental begins with about 25 seconds of reversed music before proceeding. This acoustic instrumental incorporates several elements, moods and dynamics within it making it useful for several applications. It's experimental in the sense that the rhythm has unique changes and the instrumentation includes lesser-known instrumentation including the melodica.

Description: An Upbeat, Breezy Acoustic Track with a Unique Artistic Edge. Features Acoustic and Electric Guitars. This track is very bright, upbeat, & personable. Should be Suitable for Various Projects, Spot Production, Promos, Retail, and General Projects. Wav. Format

Description: An upbeat, happy, warm, bright and care free folk-style background track. This is a fresh, energetic, bouncy and positively joyful song full of happiness, summer vibes and light, uplifting catchy melodies that is great for TV advertising, motivating corporate videos / presentations, youtube, viral marketing, travel videos and even make up tutorials. Children will love this as well for its playful and youthful feel. This easy-going beautiful, shiny track features hand claps, glockenspiel, ukulele, guitar and a percussion section that accompanies the drums.

Description: This is my new positive background chill house acoustic music 2min track with calm lovely romantic mood, which contain acoustic guitar, soft drums and live bass…This track can be used anywhere – as a relaxing musical background for websites, games, tv or radio jingle, advertising, wedding and commercial video etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:) Positive rock, acoustic, acoustic guitar, advertising, background, bouncy, bright, calm, cheerful, corporate, corporate music, easy, every day, game, happy, holiday, hopeful, inspiration, inspirational, intro, joyful, light, lively, logo, love, mellow, motivational, music, nature, opening, optimistic, peaceful, positive, positive music, presentation, reflective, relaxed, romantic, smooth, soft, soothing, sweet, travel, upbeat, valentine, video, video game, website, dreamy

Description: A happy ukulele song reminding us to reflect on those times with friends and loved ones. Lots of upbeat percussion to drive the song, and your project!

Description: A pretty and laid back folk track with nice acoustic guitars.

Description: A gentle and laid back acoustic folk track, featuring finger picked acoustic guitars, mandolins, glockenspiel, piano, and cello. Ideal as a relaxing background music to a variety of video projects.

Description: This song is a mellow but driving acoustic guitar folk track, starting with two lightly picked guitars and an organ, and building to light piano, bass, and electric piano, with a shaker keeping the beat throughout the song. Calm and soothing, this track evokes images of a peaceful evening under the stars in the middle of summer.