Description: 60 second loop featuring lightly finger picked acoustic guitar, piano, a pad sound, and electric piano. The feeling is very light and subtle - imagine being out camping on a summer evening, watching the sun set. Mellow, laid back and folksy.

Description: Acoustic guitar, piano and solo cello combine for a warm, folksy, pretty cue.

Description: Instrumentation includes acoustic rhythm guitar, piano, electric upright bass, string section, horn section percussion and drums featuring romantic tenor saxophone This timeless and romantic music bed is a medium tempo, easy listening bolero. It has a classic latin sound with warm sensual tenor saxophone solo backed by string and horn sections. It's a medium tempo at 104 bpm track in the key of C major, and the structure of the track is 8 bar intro with a 32 bar chorus starting bar 9 ending at bar 40 which repeats 2 times. The acoustic music in a neutral mood, is right for projects in need of background underscore composed with low energy. Thank you for listening and purchasing.

Description: This is a very bright and bouncy summery piece driven by the tinkly strumming of a ukulele accompanied by a bass and a simple piano melody. For the second half of the track some light electric piano and a tambourine are added to help the music drive. This track would be perfect background music for any happy or childlike presentation.

Description: Acoustic guitar based track that is positive and fresh.

Description: A haunting song about a broken lover who can never be loved again, no matter how many try.

Description: Solo acoustic guitar track with relaxed strumming.

Description: Light, happy, ukulele, fun. Energetic, positive, perky, upbeat, uplifting, cheerful and optimistic.Features: Ukulele, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, claps, strings and 'hey!' shouts.