Description: Driven by briskly finger picked acoustic guitars and flavored by piano and electric piano, this hypnotic but driving track crosses the boundary between uncertainty and hopefulness. Medium paced, it begins on a minor chord but moves into a more optimistic and positive sounding chorus.

Description: 60 second loop featuring lightly picked acoustic guitar, piano, and bass. Very pretty and light, driving but slow to moderately paced. Perfect for background music for corporate or personal presentations, or for web, tv or radio advertising. Loops seamlessly.

Description: Acoustic guitar and male vocal, poignant and melodic.

Description: Featuring a pair of fingerpicked acoustic guitar and light keyboard accompaniment, this song is light, breezy and mellow, evoking images of a peaceful summer evening in the burbs.

Description: A simple melody with a light piano and fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Very mellow and folksy, this composition evokes images of a quiet winter evening with a clear sky and a fire in the fireplace. Positive, optimistic, quite sentimental, and a little bit dreamy. This song is perfect for background music for advertising, webcasts, television, radio or personal or corporate presentations. This is a 58 second looped version - a 1:07 version with an ending is also available - search for Wandering Orion.

Description: 60 second loop featuring a ukulele, acoustic guitar, a piano, bass and drums. Has a driving, fun, optimistic, positive, on the beach in the late summertime feeling. Evokes images of sea breezes, and dancing in the early evening, cocktails, just generally having a good mellow time. Perfect for personal or corporate presentations, or for background music for advertising or web casts. Loops seamlessly.

Description: Featuring fingerpicked and strummed guitar, mandolin, electric piano, piano, and a train rhythm drum in a standard minor blues turnaround. The song drives at a moderate pace, evoking images of riding towards some mysterious destination with a sense of foreboding and purpose. Perfect for background music for personal or corporate presentations, webcasts, radio, television or any other type of advertising. Loops seamlessly.