Description: Mellow and sentimental song with a driving finger picked acoustic guitar accompanied by a warm pad, piano, and a train rhythm. Medium paced, acoustic and mellow, this song has a nostalgic feel, as if remembering a love from long ago. Perfect for corporate or personal presentations, or advertising background music for television, radio, film, or web casts

Description: Driven by briskly finger picked acoustic guitars and flavored by piano and electric piano, this hypnotic but driving track crosses the boundary between uncertainty and hopefulness. Medium paced, it begins on a minor chord but moves into a more optimistic and positive sounding chorus.

Description: a short jazzy fingerpicked guitar and piano tune.

Description: During a long journey across mountains, rivers and lakes. Sitting in front of a fire and playing a simple melody with acoustic guitar recalling the best experiences.

Description: Fast rhythmic acoustic guitar strumming with folk blues feel. Accompanied by mandolin and drums.

Description: Pretty, peaceful and low key 60 second loop featuring fingerpicked guitar, piano, and electric piano.

Description: Light Harmonica and Guitar music.