Description: Cajun song from good'old south

Description: cajun, country, slide and acoustic guitar, squeeze box, accordion, harmonica, tight ending.

Description: a short zydeco piano piece.

Description: dangerous, apprehensive, mischievous, film and television cue.

Description: intense, bitter, dangerous, film and television cue.

Description: Ethnic - Zydeco - A raucous gumbo of Cajun and Zydeco jambalaya ala New Orleans rocked out with a guitar playing the lead inspiring a Two-Step dance. 187 BPM, Very Fast

Description: Ethnic - Zydeco - A Jambalaya of Cajun and Zydeco rock in the best New Orleans Louisiana Two-Step hoedown tradition propelled by a button accordion. 187 BPM, Very Fast

Description: sixteen bars of electro folk a vocoded didgeridoo, darboula and sticky guitar riff, korg seven O seven drums and boss dr fivefifthy vintage audio samples. the first eight bars have full on drums while the next are a break with and end drum roll

Description: vengeful, ominous, heated, film and television cue.

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