Description: Dramatic, larger-than-life and dark orchestral action piece. Violence, chase, seemingly invincible enemies, huge forces, extreme danger. This track is suitable in action, thriller, sci-fi film, game or other media, or for movie trailers etc.

Description: An orchestral, cinematic, tense/chase track with varying moods throughout. Some middle eastern touches here and there, mysterious feel in the middle and an epic ending. Different parts are suitable for different moods. Instrumentation: full orchestral - Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Xylophone, Vox Full track - 2:08 Short Version also available - 0:45

Description: This gritty tune creates a very dark and disturbing atmosphere. It's driven by orchestral strings, a deep bassline and massive Daiko drums. Perfect for every movie/game production to keep it in suspense.

Description: Funny melody associated with spying, chasing and tracking. Chamber instruments create very specific soundscape like in film noire. This track is perfect as a backdrop for video game about policemen, spies, detectives and special agents. Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.

Description: This is percussion version of Dark Jungle track. In this track you can hear classic drums and dark melody with glitch effect.

Description: Epic trailer music with powerful cinematic and bombastic blockbuster trailer hits, horns, strings, heavy beating drums (taiko) and plenty of action that builds into a loud climax. Fits video games, movie trailers, intros and anything else where powerful, dramatic music is needed.

Description: Dark and mysterious soundbed, psychological terror, isolated fear, social drama, malevolent and sinister

Description: Sci-fi / horror / drama track with a dark . Confused cascading piano riff over an atonal sounds cape rhythmic elements. --- unknown black hole event horizon reflection confusing dramatic disturbed feelings showing strong emotional longing involvement detached, high personal

Description: Starts with a slow requiem, than builds up when the murderer comes closer with a big climax on the end...Beautiful epic harmonies and orchestral parts with powerful dynamic percussion.

Description: Starting from a dark windy space, changing attitude towards the middle (as if reassuring happy ending), but in the end leaves intrigue. With those special liftings and explosion effects in a core it would be the right choice for your movie or game trailer.

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