Description: Mysterious ethnic percussion goes in search of an answer. Includes metallophones, gongs, log drums, and heavily aspirated flutes. For a companion piece, listen to Mood Paint's "Public Murmur."

Description: A dark, gritty sounds-cape with a pulsing, industrial rhythm, harsh metallic scraping that suggests a nasty discovery. Would be ideal for a dark thriller, uncovering a murder, science fiction or horror.

Description: Epic orchestral theme/trailer, brutal trailer cuts with tension builds-ups and big fat Hollywood ending. Mighty brass, full strings, wardrums, cymbals and timpani beat and chanting choir. Suitable for a movie or game trailer for fantasy adventures. Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Rome, Spartacus Blood and Sand, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Conan. Available with/without choir in Trailer style (1:00/1:30) and Flowing Orchestration Style (1:30/0:55/0:40/0:30) and 8 Stinger. Variants: with/wo choir in Trailer style (1:00/1:30) and Flowing Orchestration Style (1:30/0:55/0:40/0:30) and 8 Stinger.

Description: Big and Epic track, gothic dark style. Great for huge fantasy theme or powerful intro. Armies clash on the battle field. The hero fights a cruel dark opponent. Variants: 1:37 No Choir / 1:37 (and loop) / 1:00 (and loop) / 0:30 / 0:20 / 0:20 Choir / 0:10 Choir.

Description: An eerie and mysterious track with ominous emotional cello. Maybe a dark detective story with old memories and spooky environments. A key hidden in the old Grandfathers Clock. A secret door behind the book shelf. Gloomy and dusty rooms with an old photos of gazing people, following you with their eyes as you move through the room, searching for clues. Variants: 1:17 / 1:16 Loop

Description: Darkness surround us. Evil piano, dark ominous orchestral percussion, spooky mood. Cruel deeds. Lurking horrors hiding behind the next corner. Cinematic mysterious horror music for a movie or a video game. Variants: 2:17 Flute / 1:53 Dark Piano / 1:26 / 0:30 / 0:10 and Loops

Description: An emotionally charged epic & distorted track with distorted synths over strings and pounding drums in this edgy track. Energetic, confident and unstoppable. The main melody creates a powerful and strong presence, Strings,Big Orchestra section, huge choir, big "boomers" and modern synth sounds were used to build this dramatic trailer music. Perfect for movies or games teasers.

Description: Solo piano plays simple, haunting arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of mourning, grief or serious narration.

Description: Solo harp plays slow, sad composition suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet, tragic love scene, also for underscoring images of natural disaster relief.

Description: Erie Creepy Stalker music for disturbing horror scenes Strings Glockenspiel BigToms and French horn combine to create this dramatic soundscape of lurkingevil and suspense possible. Halloween music, horror music, scary music, psycho music, fear music, thriller music, supernatural music, macabre music, Instrumental, Dangerous Music, Dangerous Music