Description: Sountrack for psychological thriller, horror film or spooky video game.You feel just growing suspense and your heartbeat. Combination of different instrumets like synths, strings, guitar, harp, FX, brass, woods and percussion create mysterious frightening theme with abrupt ending.

Description: This epic and powerful track with the dynamic development and emotional content will give a life to your project!

Description: Horror synth background and scary sound design for a creepy and sinister atmosphere or thrilling emphasis. You’re on the edge and something will happens… Easy to cut fade in / fade out. Crime Espionage Gangsters Horror Supernatural Sci-Fi Aliens Paranormal Soundscape Sound Design

Description: Cinematic Synth, Piano, strings and harp for an high tension and suspense feeling, not loud. An elegant and intense background for thrillers or sinister atmosphere. Ominous, thriller, crime scene, Dramatic, claustrophobic, menacing.

Description: A powerful and epic track with a tense, thrilling mysterious atmosphere. Dramatic gothic strings and dark brass, beautiful themes and rich percussions. Builds-up with bombastic orchestral crescendo to great heroic tension. Many sections and easy cut points. Available main version with or without lead melodies / 30 sec cues.

Description: Songs as a soundtrack for movies, video games, presentations, visualizations, advertising, climates of orchestral music

Description: Fine combination of feelings of delight, pleasure and happiness which so well betray harmonious istrument of violins and magnificent chorus! Perfectly will be suitable for your presentations and your any other ideas!

Description: A dark and dramatic action trailer with any synthesizer, legato and staccato strings, big epic cinematic drums and SFX with a lot of sub bass in C minor. Tempo: 120 bpm It's perfect for suspensful movie scenes or trailers.

Description: An epic buildup-up track with sleek, modern sounds. This track would work well for an inspirational ad.

Description: Energetic melody associated with spying, chasing and tracking. Full orchestra create very specific soundscape like in James Bond movies. This track is perfect as a backdrop for video game about policemen, spies, detectives and special agents. Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.