Description: This was developed for a movie trailer with a complex morphing of moods gaining momentum till everything explodes. Great mix of creepy ambience, tribal percussion, and giant drums.

Description: Apache guitar edit version of the cinematic track Nightcrawlers. This edit will work well for dramatic underscore, superb for moments of tension build up. great for any spy, horror, think along the lines of 28 Days Later, dark streets and creatures of the night. The original full track is available as film score with full choir and percussion.

Description: Abstract techno music with choice electronic sounds and FX. Supsense and mystery themed dubstep beats.Distorted techno pot boiler.

Description: Instrumental full band dance song with Smyth rhythm lead recorded in studio by award-winning musicians and producer with the music feel of magic weird sky opens up.

Description: same as 'Be Careful' but hit sounds removed. just pure drones. huge bass sound. less high end. eerie and suspenseful soundbed. Not created as a loop version, but can easily be used as loop with simple editing. See other versions for massive percussive hits.

Description: Careful and full of wonder, this track is perfect for tv, documentary, movie. Careful and concerned, great for those art moments in your production.

Description: Dark themed slow paced track laced with abstract elements and sound FX. Psychedelic guitar tones hard hittting metallica beats.Ideal for suspense and thriller genres

Description: Instrumental full band pop song with electric guitar lead recorded in studio by award-winning musicians and producer with the music feel of strange things keep popping up in life.

Description: A suspenseful trip hop track for espionage and crime.

Description: Cold dark and shadowy. Charecteristic of a mysterious hunter. Built using abstract and minimal tech sounds. Great accompaniment for neo-noir thrillers and adventures.

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