Description: Nervous action adventure underscore. Ticking rhythm, uncertain pulses, mysterious notes. A sense of urgency and impending danger. Suitable for crime drama, thriller, spy mystery, criminal investigation, reality TV, sci-fi drama and more,underwater,

Description: A creepy and nervous thriller,chiller underscore. Uncertainty, tension. Pensive, high piano notes over slowly oozing background textures. underwater,

Description: Staccato and nervous, semi-orchestral tension underscore. Undercover, dangerous mission. Few guitar notes mixed with symphonic elements and a pulsating rhytmic backdrop. Movement, getting into position, primed and ready for action. Great for spy, mystery, thriller, crime, secret mission, military or swat team etc.underwater,

Description: Oriental,Far East. Mysterious,Futuristic, Dreamy,Reflective, Pensive, Unhurried. Ethnic,World Instruments, World percussion, Sitar. Adventure, Documentary, Travel.underwater,

Description: A pulsing and building mystery cue underscoring anything from an undercover mission to entering a new and suspicious world. Ambient FX, electric bass, strings, rhythmic and mallet percussion.underwater,

Description: A transparent film or movie underscore, ambient but with a hint of emotion or personal intrigue. Good for a dark drama, mysterious or understated scene of discovery or reflection.underwater,

Description: Underlying tension. A dark and creepy underscore track for horror or dark drama, criminal documentary or crime scene investigation. What gruesome discovery lies behind the next turn? A nervous, pensive background track. Clanky percussion, deep drones and a serious, tense undertow,underwater,

Description: Raw, percussive music with an explosive ending. Great for suspense scenes, chases, and action trailers.

Description: A theme you would hear when you see investigators on a TV drama, or documentary. Electronic percussion and guitar add to the tension.

Description: Suspence strange disturbing intro song. Royalty Free Music and Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media.