Description: Eerie piano and string melodies with light orchestration creating a haunting atmosphere. Great for programs about the paranormal and scenes needing a dark, creepy underscore. Would also work well for daytime dramas, adverts, Halloween programs, documentaries, horror, mystery and suspense projects.

Description: Gripping, dramatic film score piece with haunting arrangements and driving percussion

Description: Dramatic underscore for serious, dark and tension filled moments.

Description: Strings suspense sound for various projects.

Description: hitchcock style music composed by jamie robertson.

Description: Dark, dramatic mysterious track with solid beat, synths and catchy samples. Great for action/suspense scene.

Description: Dark, mysterious and dangerous tune with middle eastern flute undertones. Adventure, thriller, spooky, undercover, fight, chase, hiss, rattle, magnetic, shrouded, sleek, ominous.

Description: Suspenseful, tense track with ominous electronic synths, atmospheric pads, spacey effects and percussion. Dark and mysterious, this track is great for suspense, science fiction, horror, mystery, crime scenes. 

Description: Masterful cinematic music in the style of the soundtracks to Alfred Hitchcock movies. Exceptional music artistry inspired by the phenomenal film scores of Bernard Herrmann.

Description: Mysterious, ambient synths, guitars and percussion. Suitable for science fiction or mystery scene.

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