Description: A journey thru a variety of emotions; passionate, meditative, mechanical,hopeful, majestic, brooding, then breathtaking. Building strings with lyrical solo violin add captivating tension & ominous foreboding. Eastern tone & solo flute are mystical. Beautiful female vocals & strong dramatic choir.

Description: As the night is elusive, as cool as dark ...

Description: Drama Orchestra Piano Light Poignant Reflective Harp Sensitive

Description: melodic guitar, oboe and orchestral movie theme - from the meld collection.

Description: I really love contemplation in myself and others, because there is nothing more significant in life ... Sounds very sad grand piano, which touches to the depths of the soul ... Ideal for meditation and for a movie about love ...

Description: Drama Acoustic Guitar Piano Reflective Drums Bongos Pan Pipes Sensitive

Description: guitar and orchestra movie theme - from the oracle collection.

Description: Aggressive, Dramatic, Intense, Mysterious, Suspenseful, Stressful, Energetic

Description: In February, the first manifestations of spring are noticeable, often there are thaws, snowdrops appear, and this work is just about that ... Here sounds a sensual grand piano ... Suitable for a sad moment in the film, as well as for a pleasant listening ...

Description: reflection, search, introspection,