Description: Eerie piano and string melodies with light orchestration creating a haunting atmosphere. Great for programs about the paranormal and scenes needing a dark, creepy underscore. Would also work well for daytime dramas, adverts, Halloween programs, documentaries, horror, mystery and suspense projects.

Description: A finely tuned orchestration of strings, horns, choir, and bombastic percussion that blend into a powerful and exhilarating score combining to make an epic cue to enhance your next movie, film, tv, game, or trailer project.

Description: Powerful cinematic heroic theme in classical soundtrack style includes big orchestra, epic choir, heavy guitar and drums

Description: Sad orchestral adagio.

Description: sad atmosphere music with oboe as lead instrument.

Description: A battle is on the horizon. Prepare for war! A film score track in the style of Hans Zimmer.

Description: Passionate vocals lay over a sound scape of pianos, string ensemble, violin, harp, and french horns culminating in a beautifully exquisite score. Highly recommended for tv, film, commercials, video games, or any video multimedia.

Description: Forever Hoping is a long (4-plus-minute), slow, beautiful piece of music that steadily builds and grows increasingly bold throughout its duration. It is a wonderful choice as a musical backdrop for your latest film or video project. It can stand alone, or play softly in the background as a narrator tells your story.

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