Description: a futuristic progressive track.

Description: An electronic minimal theme. Can be use for a news tv program jingle or eighties ambient mood, sci-fi project. Royalty Free Music and Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media.

Description: Calm and quiet electronic track made with atmospheric synths. It would be nice for high tech videos. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

Description: Ambient dark horror music, dark places, crime in progress. Creepy thrills & chills! Ambient slow sound scape with string orchestra. Made for Psycho nightmare, sci-fi horror fear, thriller, murder. Dark, Evil, Horror, Scary, Mysterious, Dangerous, Ambient, Confused, Ominous, Strange, space, Thrilling, Sinister, Worried, Eerie, Creepy, Mean, cinematic, background, evil, Foreboding, Anguished, Restless, Sci Fi, Occult, soundtrack, Threatening, ambience, underscore, thriller, spooky, crime, soundscape, mystical, haunting, suspenseful, exciting, tension, tense, panic, frightening, terror slow tempo

Description: Sci Fi Orchestra on a long build up. Traditional instruments mixed with some strange and weird orchestration.

Description: Atmospheric, slow moving pulsating soundscape drone with subtle rhythmic elements .

Description: dark and broody alien encounter type music, eerie haunting melody over a slow pulsating rhythm, deep space, mystery, energy and resonance

Description: Background music for the film, games, video, etc. music has a mystical character

Description: Vast junkyard of space ships floating, bumping into each other.