Description: Star wars fanfare soundalike. Space adventure.

Description: Very sparse synths and sfx, providing an ideal soundscape for sci fi scene. Ambient, spacious and atmospheric.

Description: Deep contemplative soundscape with stimulating atmosphere. Evocative chill pads and synth effects with ethereal vocal orchestration. Mysterious, intriguing, contemplative, discovery, exploration, deep sea, fractals, light, diffraction, analytical, past and future, time, zen, spiritual, corporate, progress and thought inducing, inception, perceptive.

Description: Retro and Synthwave track for art, technology, short film, documentary, science fiction, video games and more. This track Include futuristic sounds, retro synths, hovering pads, sub, guitar, arp, sounds effects , smooth lead and auto-filter... This track is quiet Dark and could be use as a Soundtrack for 80's trailer, science fiction scene or runaway scene...

Description: scary, horror, mystery, haunting, spacey, drama, halloween, fear.

Description: Sweeping synths and spooky SFX create this spacious sci-fi track. Ambient and atmospheric.

Description: Ultra dynamic action-adventure music in the style and tradition of high tech special effects driven blockbuster movie soundtracks. Epic electro-orchestral dramatic music designed for super hero movies, Sci-Fi films, movie trailers and video games.

Description: My latest psychedelic productions electronic, experimental, ambient, chill, downtempo, dark, psybient, goa trance, cinematic

Description: This is a Star Wars sounding type of track...written for Oboe and French Horn..

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