Description: this is a melodic song that start softly with an orchestra and become pop. very impact sound for film or tv event.

Description: piano, cello and percussion in an exotic, slow, lyrical panorama.

Description: piano with slight middle eastern sound builds up using percussion.

Description: orchestral film score with a slight samba/latin feel, climatic moments, and a romantic mood of family love, featuring strings & horn & guitar.

Description: a light, fun, optimistic and family love orchestral film score featuring piano and strings.

Description: orchestral film score, strings & harp in a classic romantic theme.

Description: a bitter/sour/sweet romantic, love story, theme; featuring trumpet.

Description: strings, clarinet, harp, film score with a theme of family love.

Description: romantic orchestral film score, featuring string bass on a theme, plus strings & piano; building to dramatic moments.

Description: romantic, slow solo piano.

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