Description: A medium paced track with synth effects, guitar pedals, cool guitar leads and tough percussion/ drums. Filter synth and ethnic percussion lead into a heavy drum pattern and pedal guitar. An added keyboard interlude then transitions to a filtered guitar lead at :41 eventually breaking down to the opening synth effects and percussion. Version - Full Mix

Description: An epic sounding action track with orchestra and fast electronic percussion. Big drums and guitar call and respond as electronic percussion and orchestral brass continuously build. A longer note section takes over at :33 with brass carrying the chords as the percussion lightly pulses underneath. Version - Full Mix

Description: Contemporary pop band with punchy female vocals and handclaps. Version - Full Mix

Description: Great fast paced surf track with high melodies and guitar rips. Version - No Lead Guitar

Description: Easy going surf and beach track with conga for a little Latino feel. Version - No lead

Description: Upbeat and positive track perfect for that cute surfer girl catching a wave. Version - No Lead Guitar

Description: Beautiful day at the beach retro style. Version - No Lead Guitar

Description: Walking down the beach as the sun sets after a great day of surfing. Version - No Leads

Description: Uptempo and simple classic surf music. Version - No Lead Guitar

Description: Surf danger and the excitement of catching "The Big One". Version - No Lead Guitar