Description: An energetic electronic track with lots of twists and sounds effects. Fast bass and synth sound effects lead into a drum groove with bass and panning effects. Guitar is added at :34 and jumps into the same groove along with a high synth lead. Version - Full Mix

Description: Low synth sweeps, aggressive percussion, and heavy guitars create an edgy action track. Bass and high percussion start the track with heavy rhythmic guitars quickly joining along with intense percussion at :27. The track briefly breaks down at :47 then slowly builds back to the main theme. Version - Full Mix

Description: A heavy percussion track with filter sweeps and sound effects creating a mysterious musical encounter. High filters and low panning percussion give way to steady drum beats and siren like effects. The percussion takes a break at :52, yielding to synth pulses and panning effects, before jumping back into heavier rhythms. Version - Full Mix

Description: Heavy guitars and orchestral percussion create action music at its most intense. A heavy guitar riff jets into busy percussion patterns juxtaposed with heavy bass and guitar. At :38, the percussion simplifies under a steady guitar pattern and slowly builds back to the theme at 1:12. Version - Full Mix

Description: A medium paced track with synth effects, guitar pedals, cool guitar leads and tough percussion/ drums. Filter synth and ethnic percussion lead into a heavy drum pattern and pedal guitar. An added keyboard interlude then transitions to a filtered guitar lead at :41 eventually breaking down to the opening synth effects and percussion. Version - Full Mix

Description: An epic sounding action track with orchestra and fast electronic percussion. Big drums and guitar call and respond as electronic percussion and orchestral brass continuously build. A longer note section takes over at :33 with brass carrying the chords as the percussion lightly pulses underneath. Version - Full Mix

Description: Contemporary pop band with punchy female vocals and handclaps. Version - Full Mix

Description: Great fast paced surf track with high melodies and guitar rips. Version - No Lead Guitar

Description: Easy going surf and beach track with conga for a little Latino feel. Version - No lead

Description: Upbeat and positive track perfect for that cute surfer girl catching a wave. Version - No Lead Guitar