Description: A Dramatic build into a Epic orchestra with big drums and ethnic influences. Synth drones and sound effects combine with sparse ethnic percussion and slowly build to a moderate beat. Swirling strings juxtaposed with drum and brass stabs increase in inten

Description: Drama - Orchestral. The intro begins with lush strings and pulsing drums. An arpeggiated violin section atop more soaring orchestral instruments adds energy and a sense of immediacy. The rhythm bed drops out leaving just the arpeggiated strings. The calm before the storm. POI @ :51 The sky explodes and opens up with bombastic rock drums, a soaring majestic orchestra and emotionally charged choir. 75/152 bpm. Epic.

Description: Drama - Orchestral. Solo cello, piano, weeping emotional strings are key to this poignant intro. POI @ 1:03 Soaring violins, horns, choir, and a light electronic and organic rhythm give movement as this evoking piece pulls at your heartstrings. Complex emotions. 94 bpm. Epic.

Description: Comedy - Humor - Kids. Fun and upbeat theme with woodwinds. Full Mix.

Description: Orchestral - Epic. Suspenseful epic feature. 30 Second.

Description: Orchestral - Epic. Grand, driving epic theme with choir. Full Mix.

Description: A jazzy light orchestra sting. 2 versions: full, no perc. Version - 2 Versions

Description: An edgy rocker with trashy drums, bass and guitar leads. Hi hat plays under the main guitar riff and quickly jumps into a messy groove with distorted drums and bass. A short guitar solo leads to a breakdown and build starting at :30. The main theme then returns at :59 along with a guitar lead. Version - No Lead Guitar

Description: An energetic electronic track with lots of twists and sounds effects. Fast bass and synth sound effects lead into a drum groove with bass and panning effects. Guitar is added at :34 and jumps into the same groove along with a high synth lead. Version - No High Synths

Description: Low synth sweeps, aggressive percussion, and heavy guitars create an edgy action track. Bass and high percussion start the track with heavy rhythmic guitars quickly joining along with intense percussion at :27. The track briefly breaks down at :47 then slowly builds back to the main theme. Version - No Synth Lead