Description: Drama - Orchestral. Futuristic filtered electro rhythm lays under the daunting ominous strings and repeating piano line. Staccato strings add energy and build with the orchestral rise. POI @ 1:18 Pounding tribal percussion and soaring strings open up the sonic landscape to the heavens. 134 bpm. Epic.

Description: A Dramatic build into a Epic orchestra with big drums and ethnic influences. Synth drones and sound effects combine with sparse ethnic percussion and slowly build to a moderate beat. Swirling strings juxtaposed with drum and brass stabs increase in inten

Description: Drama - Orchestral. The intro begins with lush strings and pulsing drums. An arpeggiated violin section atop more soaring orchestral instruments adds energy and a sense of immediacy. The rhythm bed drops out leaving just the arpeggiated strings. The calm before the storm. POI @ :51 The sky explodes and opens up with bombastic rock drums, a soaring majestic orchestra and emotionally charged choir. 75/152 bpm. Epic.

Description: Drama - Orchestral. Solo cello, piano, weeping emotional strings are key to this poignant intro. POI @ 1:03 Soaring violins, horns, choir, and a light electronic and organic rhythm give movement as this evoking piece pulls at your heartstrings. Complex emotions. 94 bpm. Epic.

Description: Uptempo and simple classic surf music. Version - No Lead Guitar

Description: Fast paced walking bass line with surf guitars. Version - No Lead Guitar

Description: Comedy - Children. This is a sneaky little tune. Like a child stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. Plucking strings sound like sneaky footsteps. Pause at :47 then quick strings that sound like they made a quick run for it. Listen at 1:55 and you decide if the cookie-stealing mission was a success. Full Mix.

Description: Comedy - Humor - Kids. Fun and upbeat theme with woodwinds. Full Mix.

Description: Orchestral - Epic. Suspenseful epic feature. 30 Second.

Description: Orchestral - Epic. Grand, driving epic theme with choir. Full Mix.