Description: Romantic symphonic theme with melody in piano.

Description: Funky bass line bounces and grooves with a cheeky little bit of brass to help the track along, great for commercial or advertising but will also work as an exciting music cue for young urban demographic

Description: Hell unleashed.Blood shed. Mad rush and fury.carnage.What describes war best ? This does. Great audio-orchestration where strings, sound FX,choir and pounding percussion bring the battle scene before one's eyes. Grand, anticipation, film score, angry, strong, heavy action, intense, triumphant, foreboding, trumpet, tense, illuminating, aggressive, provoking, inspiring.

Description: Brooding synth and a deep, echoing beat create a base for somber strings and piano.

Description: Untamed, log drum, building, energy riser

Description: Lights, Camera, Action, dark, orchestral, nature, action, ominous, tension, suspense

Description: Heart beat, suspenseful, unsettled, mysterious

Description: Classic cartoon spy theme, mysterious, light, wistful, silly inspector, film, animation

Description: A feel good, quirky and cheerful track with a sense of youth, romance, taking a summer trip...etc. Instrumentation: Ukelele, claps, bass drum, accordeon, piano, bells. Some parts of this track can be easily looped. Track length: 2:24

Description: Dramatic, epic action trailer. Super intense Hollywood blockbuster trailer - perfect to infuse action film / gaming projects with epic, dramatic and cinematic ambiance. Fusing orchestral and heavy rock elements into an intense trailer experience, this track features strings, brass and cinematic sub boom effects, as well as heavy metal guitar and a pounding drum kit.