Description: Sad melodic developing theme.

Description: Instrumental electronic groove beats

Description: Everything war has a beginning. Orchestral film score perfect for epic movies, television and games.Horns strings and bellowing percussion fortells that a war is brewing.The first installment in the Epic war compostions. Anticipation, tension, excitement, planning, energy and emotion rolled into one. Edgy and emotive, revengeful, strong and determined. Confidant, poised to strike, battlefield, sacrifice, loyalty.

Description: Suspense building underscore.

Description: Peaceful backdrop with electric guitars painting a beautiful melody.Very romantic..

Description: Hell unleashed.Blood shed. Mad rush and fury.carnage.What describes war best ? This does. Great audio-orchestration where strings, sound FX,choir and pounding percussion bring the battle scene before one's eyes. Grand, anticipation, film score, angry, strong, heavy action, intense, triumphant, foreboding, trumpet, tense, illuminating, aggressive, provoking, inspiring.

Description: Melodic piano that builds into a full orchestral section before going back to the main theme again.

Description: Funky bass line bounces and grooves with a cheeky little bit of brass to help the track along, great for commercial or advertising but will also work as an exciting music cue for young urban demographic

Description: A cool synthesizer piece with a light back beat and bass.

Description: Untamed, log drum, building, energy riser