Description: Inspirational, noble, film, choir, main title theme, movie thematic

Description: “Flamento” It is a short composition for solo flamenco guitar. The arpeggios descendants structure the harmony and the entire composition, the rhythm becomes the odd development. Moments of pure introspection, sequence shots, cinema. Good Listening

Description: Sad melodic developing theme.

Description: Instrumental electronic groove beats

Description: Powerful, epic percussion drives the action in this cinematic song, both modern and ancestral.

Description: Perfect for cinematic trailer, advertising, commercials, motivational and inspiring videos, intro, motivation, patriotic, score, trailer, triumphant, video game and other projects.

Description: Suspense building underscore.

Description: Peaceful backdrop with electric guitars painting a beautiful melody.Very romantic..

Description: A cool synthesizer piece with a light back beat and bass.

Description: The score is structured in two parts, in the first the piano and strings declaim the main theme. In the second part, the orchestra expands the sound until it evokes the sounds of orchestrated psychedelic rock. listen too : Trailer 1 and Trailer 2 from "Pianosequenza 3 Orchestral score" Good Listening