Description: Instrumental electronic groove beats

Description: A cool synthesizer piece with a light back beat and bass.

Description: Suspense building underscore.

Description: Peaceful backdrop with electric guitars painting a beautiful melody.Very romantic..

Description: Cascade of turmoil and angst. Grave orchestral with an uplifting violin, that tells a story of it's own.

Description: Romantic symphonic theme with melody in piano.

Description: Funky bass line bounces and grooves with a cheeky little bit of brass to help the track along, great for commercial or advertising but will also work as an exciting music cue for young urban demographic

Description: Orchestral film score with soaring brass and staccatto strings and emotional percussion atmosphere. A composition that expresses angst, struggle and valour. Excellent choice for adventurous and war drama films and projects

Description: Soundtrack - Drama. Dark but hopeful string section with woodwinds and French horn melody. 30 Seconds.

Description: Drama - Orchestral. Futuristic filtered electro rhythm lays under the daunting ominous strings and repeating piano line. Staccato strings add energy and build with the orchestral rise. POI @ 1:18 Pounding tribal percussion and soaring strings open up the sonic landscape to the heavens. 134 bpm. Epic.