Description: A cool synthesizer piece with a light back beat and bass.

Description: A dark and building orchestral cue with a somber piano interlude.

Description: Sad melodic developing theme.

Description: Instrumental electronic groove beats

Description: Hell unleashed.Blood shed. Mad rush and fury.carnage.What describes war best ? This does. Great audio-orchestration where strings, sound FX,choir and pounding percussion bring the battle scene before one's eyes. Grand, anticipation, film score, angry, strong, heavy action, intense, triumphant, foreboding, trumpet, tense, illuminating, aggressive, provoking, inspiring.

Description: Driving strings, piano, and drums layer together, evoking a positive mood. Guitar joins in before the track builds to an triumphant conclusion.

Description: Suspense building underscore.

Description: Peaceful backdrop with electric guitars painting a beautiful melody.Very romantic..

Description: Dark clouds over the battlefield. A neonoir score bringing out the murkiness of the strategic dark games played beyond battlefield.A composition ideal for ambush,underworld/supernatural fantasies. Dark moonlight, intense, menacing, dangerous, strong, heavy, strategy, revengeful, redemption, emotive, game soundtrack.

Description: Inspirational and uplifting post rock cue that builds with reflective guitars and percussion.