Description: Queasy strings and percussive chants from the left and right suggest unease. Use to suggest any imbalance or peptic disquiet.

Description: Urgent pursuit theme is carried by string basses over electric bass, shakers, anklet, and other percussion for a dark and frantic ride. Also can be used to mysteriously evoke excitement.

Description: Militant drums, strummed piano, ominous handbells, and other sinister percussion draw the creepy portrait of a prison block or dungeon.

Description: Low strings, rainstick, dark synths, and wooden and metallic percussion descend like a shroud upon the dreamer's imagination.

Description: Emotional, peaceful waltz with mandolin tremolo for romantic and sentimental or wedding video clips. Also Good for cinematics, If you want to develop pleasant memories. Instrumentation consists of piano, mandolin, cello, contrabass and violin ensembles, glockenspiel.

Description: An intense, cinematic and heroic track that builds to a climax. Featuring low aggressive strings, heavy percussion and soaring brass. Great for trailers, film/tv and games.

Description: This is a emotional and romantic orchestral composition, full of feelings and emotions. Good for wedding videos, or cinematics with romantic emotions, If you want to develop romantic atmosphere. Instrumentation consists of piano, cello and violin ensembles, glockenspiel.

Description: Mysterious ethnic percussion goes in search of an answer. Includes metallophones, gongs, log drums, and heavily aspirated flutes. For a companion piece, listen to Mood Paint's "Public Murmur."

Description: Analog synths freak over a manic 4/4 rhythm. Has a distinct mechanical quality which is both creepy and haywire. Loops seamlessly. Do Advanced search for related themes. Tags: mp-pulse; Artist: moodpaint

Description: Calm and quiet track in a positive mood. Featured instrument is an acoustic piano.Good for various videos or slideshow.