Description: dramatic and smooth orchestra with mild strings

Description: full orchestra with bright strings and moody harp

Description: repetitive and rhythmical orchestra

Description: fantasy orchestra with sentimental piano

Description: adventurous and dramatic feel full orchestra

Description: Orchestral, Symphonic, Corporate, Corp-Motivational, Drama, Drama-Action, Drama-Adventure, Drama-Danger, Drama-Fantasy, Drama-Sci Fi, Drama-Suspense, Sci Fi, Mysterious, Suspense, Tension, Dark, Bold, Big, Anticipation, Dramatic, Broad, Ambient, Strong, Horror, Urgent, International, Determined, Explosive, Punchy, Adventure, Serious, Building, Traveling, Celestial, Futuristic, Heavenly, Nature, Intense, Intrigue, Ominous, Political, in a Mysterious, Powerful, Reflective, Adventurous, Energetic, Positive mood, featuring Orchestra, Synth, Strings, Drums, Toy Piano, Tympani, with a Mid tempo

Description: Orchestral, Symphonic, Drama, Drama-Danger, Drama-Epic, Drama-Fantasy, Drama-Horror, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Tension, Positive, Proud, Confident, Majestic, Percussive, Prestigious, Punchy, Building, Mysterious, Magical, Suspense, Ominous, Dramatic, Tension, Serious, Sinister, Electronic, Anticipation, Adventure, Action, Repetitive, Nature, Reflective, Futuristic, Brassy, Celestial, Heavenly, Uplifting, Intense, Flowing, Explosive, Expressive, Sonorous, Big, Bold, in a Mysterious, Reflective, Adventurous, Majestic mood, featuring Synth, Orchestra, Guitar, Electric, Vocals, Hum, Effects, with a Mid tempo

Description: Orchestral, Symphonic, Drama, Drama-Danger, Drama-Fantasy, Drama-Human Emotions, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Tension, Mysterious, Anticipation, Adventure, Passionate, Romantic, Sentimental, Smooth, Soft, Warm, Peaceful, Reflective, Relaxed, Simple, Tender, Intrigue, Intense, Flowing, Expressive, Repetitive, Dreamy, Dark, Ominous, Sonorous, Ethereal, Elongated, Eerie, in a Mysterious, Reflective, Sensitive, Confident, Emotional mood, featuring Synth, Drums, Strings, Piano, with a Mid, Slow tempo

Description: Orchestral, Symphonic, Drama-Action, Drama-Adventure, Drama-Danger, Drama-Fantasy, Drama, Drama-Sci Fi, Drama-Suspense, Military, Sci Fi, Mysterious, Traveling, Percussive, Dark, Adventure, Anticipation, Building, Patriotic, Political, Dangerous, Edgy, Epic, Serious, Strong, Tension, Celestial, Magical, Monotonous, Menacing, Alienating, Ambient, Ominous, Panoramic, Dreamy, Reflective, Futuristic, Technological, Horror, Heavenly, Gothic, Urgent, Airy, Breathy, Mechanical, Evil, Ethereal, Suspense, Surreal, Spacey, Swirling, in a Mysterious, Reflective, Powerful, Scary, Adventurous mood, featuring Synth, Orchestra, Percussion, Effects, with a Mid, Slow tempo

Description: Orchestral, Drama, Drama-Adventure, Drama-Danger, Drama-Horror, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Sci Fi, Drama-Tension, Mysterious, Suspense, Serious, Adventure, Bold, Proud, Prestigious, Tension, Ambient, Ominous, Nature, Magical, Determined, Dreamy, Eerie, Ethnic, Evil, Sinister, Horror, Tribal, Dangerous, Dark, Reflective, Intrigue, Intense, Expressive, in a Mysterious, Confident, Majestic, Adventurous, Scary mood, featuring Orchestra, Synth, Strings, Flute, Pan, Vocals, Hum, Chant, Ethnic, with a Slow, Very Slow tempo

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