Description: Cinematic Soundtrack. Soft relaxing Hammond sounds surrounded by a string orchestra. Composed for movie, nature film productions and documentaries.

Description: This is a determined driving symphony soundtrack. Sincere hopeful strings, noble chimes, confident rousing snare drum march, powerful victorious brass, & strong empowering bass. Regal hearted & serious building with anticipation to a glorious, grandiose, & majestic sense of victory & proud freedom.

Description: melancholy, introspective, sad, nostalgic,

Description: Epic Cinematic Orchestral Soundtrack. Haunting strings and choir along with windy noises in the background make a Heavenly Soundtrack. Good for romantic, drama, meditative movie film sequences.

Description: Musically very well done and an awesome score.

Description: Orchestral positive pulsing, Phillip Glass-like.

Description: Soft calling horn with a floating background

Description: Cinematic Soundtrack. Impressive mechanical drum sounds with piano and brass orchestra surrounded by strings and Hammond organ. Good for movies, documentaries about great construction sites and engineering projects.

Description: Ominous, dramatic, dark underscore based on percussion and strings. Perfect for trailers to heighten tension, in game/interactive settings as subtle background score or menu music, or in any project that needs a dark, subtle track to heighten drama. With 6:32 worth of music, this track gives you a lot of score for your money, and is easily loopable if you use the last tail as an intro to the beginning. Features full strings, brass, and choir, along with some of the best percussion sounds available.

Description: orchestral tour de force. Marching, textural, thematic, percussive, lyrical

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