Description: New epic orchestral intro with choirs, brass and percussion for your presentations, titles, casts etc.

Description: This epic yet elegant composition was specifically composed with film, tv, and movie production in mind with a combination of orchestral and sound design that perfectly compliment each other.

Description: Epic orchestral theme that convey heroism and bravery

Description: when the hero wins, the family is reunited, the alien is defeated, or the dog comes back, this is the music.

Description: Orchestral, Symphonic, Drama, Drama-Danger, Drama-Horror, Drama-Sci Fi, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Tension, Sci Fi, Positive, Proud, Confident, Big, Majestic, Percussive, Prestigious, Punchy, Building, Mysterious, Magical, Suspense, Menacing, Ominous, Dark, Dangerous, Detective, Dramatic, Eerie, Evil, Tension, Horror, Serious, Heavenly, Futuristic, Floating, Sparse, Sinister, Electronic, Airy, Ambient, Atmospheric, Anticipation, Intrigue, Intense, Gentle, Sonorous, Surreal, Cold, Breathy, Moody, in a Scary, Mysterious mood, featuring Synth, Orchestra, Harp, Effects, with a Slow, Very Slow tempo

Description: Emotional hollywood strings and piano. Perfect for a moving love scene in a movie or an inspirational video.

Description: Lazy summer days, butterflies fluttering from flower to flower, you get the idea. Light pastoral and nature, perfect for documentary. Main mix, 60 and 30 sec versions.

Description: action/adventure/suspense underscore piece, orchestral and strong, building as it goes...

Description: dramatic cue with staccato & legato strings, piano work, woodwinds, a short dramatic break and a dynamic piano-forte ending.

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