Description: A magical orchestral piece with a Hollywood fantasy atmosphere.

Description: Orchestral epic music soundtrack for adventure and fantasy movie trailers. Reverberating oboe, trumpets and cello strings with marching percussion built with a subliminal soundscape. Anticipation, war, marching, battle, film score, game soundtrack, melodic, action, grand, ceremonial, emotive, loyalty, alliances.

Description: A nice light piano and cello piece evolving into a light grooving piece with drums.

Description: A charming, delicate orchestral piece with a cute child-like cinematic feel.

Description: Orchestral ensemble soundtrack featuring deep cello, female vocal, violas, brass laced with evocative piano keys and reverberating percussion patterens. Success, struggle, longing, pursuit, emotive, captivating, contemplative, thoughtful, provoking.

Description: A classical full orchestral drama piece in style of John Williams. Epic with choir and a big sound and orchestration. Perfect for moving drama sequences in documentaries, movie scenes and commercials.

Description: Quirky classical with with comical, jumpy feel

Description: The final installment of the Epic war compositions. what becomes of a war? Peace and comprehension. An almost meditative and epic composition. Deep, contemplative, intense, victorious, emotional, film score, future possibilities, determined, new age acoustic.

Description: when the hero wins, the family is reunited, the alien is defeated, or the dog comes back, this is the music.

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