Description: musical composition in the style of pop music, used the sounds of flutes, synthesized vocals, guitar, bass, strings, drums are not used, the choir starts slowly, the guitar with the flute passes to the finale in the orchestra

Description: Positive music depicting the joy in nature. Perfect for themes such as nature, Gaia, earth, new age, panoramic, geographical, travel, drone, movie, trailer, etc.

Description: A futuristic and reflective track based on technological advancements in the current and future. It has a very fast paced & efficient sound, yet sleek and sophisticated. Made to inspire and motivate. The track consists of Electronic synthesizers, Guitars, Contemporary Drums, Piano, Glitches & Vocal chops.

Description: Acoustic cinematic lounge music good for soundtrack. Rhythmic and moving this music tell a story.

Description: beautiful Instrumental song with guitar and strings

Description: sweet and smooth classical guitar song

Description: driving space/new age/ambient track with warm pads,synths, percussion and electric guitar

Description: new classical guitar song

Description: This music combines a peaceful presence with relaxing energy. The beautiful bell melodies dance over an echoing style while the dreamy flute and bass create the atmosphere. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including ads, television, animation and more.

Description: This contemporary new age music has a very minimal style yet is elegant and sophisticated at the same time. The melody has a modern feel that is cool but is not overwhelming. The music works great for a wide variety of applications including television, documentary, nature, travel, ads, and everything in between.

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