Description: melodic, big film music track with real choir.

Description: Action cinematic tribal war drums for adventure scores, action sequences, operations, battle scene music, dramatic intros, orchestral percussion, Taiko Drums. Excellent for fast action scenes, trailers, movies, chase sequences, presentations, advertising, and games. - Epic and Cinematic hardhitting drums. - mp3 and WAV available. - Loopable.

Description: Soft melodic experience with the use of piano and a touch of string.

Description: an acoustic guitar instrumental that's kind of a folk blues combination with a little harmonica in the background.

Description: Romantic, love story film score, written in the style of the bygone Hollywood [1940"s] era. Featuring full orchestra

Description: slow, lyrical, beautiful but deadly-a small seed from another planet spins slowly through space as it approaches earth.

Description: fretless bass mournful groove with great choppy rhythms.

Description: loud and percussive, it was written with an explosion in mind. it is rhythmic and big orchestral, and then quiets down to piano.