Description: Mid Drones With Higher Vibing Creepy Hi-Tec Soundtrack, atmospheric ambient creepy hi-tec soundtrack bass & mid drones.

Description: Heavy and cool with some tension about dark space landscape or futuristic moods and scenes. Travel in space or Walking in dark rusty sewers with toxic waste in Fallout scene. Think: Fallout, Bladerunner, Star Wars, Terminator. Great for background in video games or films with future scenery, ship wrecks, aliens, space travels. Star Wars feeling. Variants: 1 Min / 1 Min Loop

Description: A quirky little song, light and bouncy orchestral with jolly feeling, cartoonish and fun. For all kinds of funny adventures: pirates with treasures and gold! Jumpy gnomes in magic forests. Brave knight in fantasy fairy tale visits the harbor or the whimsical fisherman. Track exists both in standard and looped versions. Variants: Buccaneer's Song - 2 Min / 1 Min / 30s and loop. Snippets in 5-10 seconds, called Hey Ho.... Vocal snippets: We Drink for Treasure and Rum and Hum De Dum. Funny Hectic loops.

Description: This is a big, dramatic, suspensfully shifting, action, nearly 4 1/2 minute Spaghetti Western film orchestra cue. A slow build with wooden flute and percussion, into four long builds on Flemnco Guitar ostinatos, then the epic Main Theme featuring Trumpets and Solo Guitar, winding down with Guitar ostinato.

Description: Deep Bass Synth Drone with Mid Tone End, drone ambient mellow uplift atmospheric background.

Description: A dramatic and fast-paced, piano-centric theme that loops seamlessly. This track consists of fast-moving piano with background strings and flute.

Description: filmmusik, scoremusic, filmmusic, suspense, african ambience, atmosphere.