Description: Inspirational, noble, film, choir, main title theme, movie thematic

Description: Lights, Camera, Action, dark, orchestral, nature, action, ominous, tension, suspense

Description: Pop Culture Corral, comedy, cartoon, fun, humorous, spaghetti western

Description: This is percussion version of Dark Jungle track. In this track you can hear classic drums and dark melody with glitch effect.

Description: Funny music for children. Track can be used as the music for commercials, cartoons or at children’s parties.

Description: piano/strings/woodwinds. soft sounding, but still a touch of ominous feeling from low end of piano.

Description: Bouncy, mischievous piece, with pizzicato strings.

Description: Melancholy, sad, downcast, sad state of loneliness

Description: Except from Charles L. Johnson’s Dill Pickles Rag (1906). Great for any project where you need immediate silent movie comedy.

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