Description: Jazz Instrumental that can be use for background film,tv

Description: Light and melodic soundtrack instrumental . Performed by electric guitar, bass , piano , groove machine. Suitable for slideshow, lounge, music design, musical scoring . F -Maj .

Description: Charming, sentimental solo piano piece, beautifully performed with a classic cocktail lounge feel.

Description: The track Idea is an image of a old L.A. in the '1930. Neon Lights, Sensual Dancer, Gangster and Police.

Description: spy This is a spy and detective style music, full of groove and smoothness. great for james bond style scenes, investigation and criminal background, funny and comical police and detective trailers and much more.

Description: Orchestral jazz romantic comedy soundtrack in the style of 50’s / 60’s Hollywood mainstream. Think to Mr. Lucky or Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Henry Mancini, this is the mood and the style of this track. Available in: main version / no lead melodies / 60sec / 30sec / Stinger Blockbuster Hollywood Love Comedy. Intensely romantic, period film, yearning.

Description: This song is part of the album "Six String Jazz," released in 2010 under band Stefano Mora Electrio, features many melodies, solos, and bass lines played by 6-string bass. This is a new mix made ​​in 2016. Feat. M. Manzi on drums, M. Marrani on piano. Girotondo is the italian word for round dance.

Description: Bright and light composition. Very vigorous jazz. This music can be used as a background for creation of excellent mood.

Description: music for relaxation. composition in jazz style

Description: Magestic and strange spiritual meditative jazz music for documentary scenes movie background.

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