Description: a jazzy film score, with mood changes, comedy, satire, on a theme; featuring sax & trumpet.

Description: a short jazzy motif, with a subdued optimism & tongue-in-cheek feel, for film score, featuring vibes, piano, bass.

Description: a somewhat laid back post bebop jazz theme, used on film, optimistic & experienced; featuring muted trumpet.

Description: orchestral film score, but quasi jazz and a hint of the old south, with harmonica and clarinet, on some interesting changes.

Description: jazzy film score of a "film noir" feel, or satirical comedy, and mood changes to a dream sequence; featuring sax and trumpet.

Description: a big orchestral jazz film score, with a strong theme and dramatic build; featuring solo sax, solo trumpet.

Description: a jazzy and comedic orchestral film score on a theme, that builds to a sax, to a mood change on muted trumpet.

Description: jazz, comedy, satire or serious film score with a strong theme; featuring vibes, piano, trumpet, strings.

Description: jazz, comedy, satire with a long underscore and strong themes; featuring flute, trumpet, sax.

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