Description: sinister choir over drone.

Description: Very tense and spooky track with orchestral instruments and synths. Great for horror, thriller or suspense scene.

Description: A modern action film in the style of Marvel / Transformers / X Men / The Matrix! A powerful and scary piano melody starts off, with the track kicking in around 1 minute 12 with a huge apocalyptic style dramatic strings and choir melody! This track also blends futuristic and sci fi elements, making it great for space battles, and modern warfare computer games like Call of Duty.

Description: An intense short opening track with an atmosphere of uncertainty and gloomy mood.

Description: It's Halloween and all of the witches, ghosts and goblins have come out to play. A little friendly mischief. Prominent plucked strings, horns and glockenspiel.

Description: Spooky orchestral piece with additional synths. Gradually builds throughout into a dramatic finale.

Description: A sense of doom pervades this eerie, dark, percussive soundscape with a relentless spooky feel. Atmospheric with a sense of suspense and imminent danger. Menacing and sinister. 48 hours, The Mentalist, Castle, Alien Invasion, crime drama, horror, Sci-Fi.

Description: This is an ambient track featuring strings and industrial noises suitable for any tense videogame, sound design situation, film, horror or thriller. The drone builds up with intensity making you feel like you're under the influence of narcotics, it could be use as background for steps, thrillers, video games, film or other media.

Description: Halloween Horror, evil, scary and eerie orchestral music from "Horror adventure". This is Creepy thrills & chills! A piano starts dark, ominous, string section follows rhythmic. Horror in dark places, crime in progress ramped up horror, chilling brass and effects. Psycho nightmare, fear everywhere for next big movie, game. Cinematic, Evil, Horror, Dark, Scary, Haunting, Ominous, Halloween, Suspense, Dangerous, Edgy, Anguished, Restless, Nightmare, Eerie, Ghosts, Psychological, Terror, Tension, Mysterious, Scared, Powerful, Thrilling, Sinister, Foreboding, Raw, Creepy, Painful, Mean, freddy jason, elm street, silent hill, underscore, Satanic, Paranormal, crime, hitchcock, psycho, intense, background, soundtrack, aggressive, mystical, dramatic, suspenseful, exciting, tense, panic, frightening

Description: Tense, gripping track with dark orchestral instruments, synths and powerful percussion. Great for Horror, Thriller or Suspense scenes. Builds into a franetic climax.

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