Description: Think of a classic detective movie, starting with mood a drenched, sultry trumpet melody crescendoing into trumpet blasts as the title rolls across the screen. The vibraphone takes the melody as the private snoop shows up at Veronica Lake's door. And so on...

Description: epic, dark, intense, rock with orchestra.

Description: Hans Zimmer Style epic, dark, and driving trailer music.

Description: Intro is huge heavy rhythmic build with massive climax perfect for action trailers. French Horns. Rhythmic and textural middle section with burst of powerful sections. Eerie quiet section with unusual, haunting reverbs near end, and concluded with massive, doom laden extremely slow and terrifying conclusion.

Description: Epic, driving rhythm, up-tempo, very dark, very intense, choir, huge climax leading into melodic and shredding guitar solo.

Description: Melodramatic strings piece. Emotional and uplifting.

Description: Pop rock, plucked acoustic guitar with soft drums,

Description: Piece transitions through several styles, gentle/mysterious, aggressive, driving groove, all with memorable melodies.

Description: Frightening, starts quiet and scary, builds into epic section with choir and returns to the mellow quiet of a graveyard.

Description: Harpsichord-like plucked 12-string guitars, starts mellow, gradual build with rich, thick textures.

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