Description: Dub, cinematic track. A slow beat with deep bass contrast starts off, slowly different layers of electronic sounds add up to create a mysterious, slightly disturbing atmopshere. Orchestral instruments come into play to emphasis on the dramatic apsect creating even more tension. The track evolves around a tension that builds up until reaching a climax towards the end. A 02:58 a break beat layer is added to the beat, enhancing the track.

Description: Suspense, Tension, Driving, Motivational, Thrilling. 00:00 Starts slowly and the tension builds up 02:05 Stronger beat and the tension builds up more untill reaching a climax towards the end.

Description: Electro-Orchestral action-adventure track. A robot World after the extinction of human race. A post Apocalyptic atmosphere. The first part is pure electro music, with robotic and mechanical sounds. An atmosphere of underlying danger prevails. Then, in the second part, comes in the orchestration which gives more density to the track ! It ends in a climax before dropping down into silence.

Description: Orchestral, suspensful and dark music, reminding us of old "film noir" atmospheres. This music could come out of a sombre detective film from the 50's. Something underlying is happening, intriguing, but no one knows exactly what. The only thing that is sure, is taht it's scary. The bass line, maintains some kind of tension all along the track. At 02:02 the music is triggered into a more flowing but not less frightening dynamic. Giving the impression of movement, or something that was waiting to happen untill that point, is finally happening.

Description: Electronic dramatic tribal track. There is a dark and tense atmosphere in this track, emphasized by the proliferation of percussive sounds. Perfect for action, dramatic and mysterious adventurous scenes.

Description: Atmospheric, ontemplative track. A piano melody and synthesizer layers give a dreamy impression. An almost fantasy atmosphere slightly mystical but very soothing. Could be used to illustrate a variety of topics in a documentary or corporate film.

Description: An electro-jazz-pop journey that starts very slowly and quietly. It progressivaly builds up. The first part is contemplative calm and soothing. 2:24 the music stops and a more worrying atmosphere takes its place. Again, slowly building up. 4:10 The music gets very dense and faster with drum'n base rythm and orchestral strings. This is the climax of the track.

Description: "The Tunnel" is an endless journey through a tunnel. Mysterious, Contemplative, Atmospheric, Evolving...

Description: Electro-Orchestral track. Interesting for suspense scenes. Perfect for a documentary on nature for example, when a danger is threatening.

Description: Very tense and big modern orchestral track. Perfect for war, action or adventure scenes. This track is very straight forward and aggressive. Perfect to illustrate danger. It could be a volcano, an army approaching, an asteroid threatening Earth etc.

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