Description: Fun and cool. A tune with a good mood. Everyday life. Featuring rhodes keys, xylophone, gentle bells, pizzicato striings and upright bass.

Description: A fun and jumpy tune. It has a taste of new beginning. A change in life that's coming

Description: A heroic cinematic saga. Featuring strings and brass. Dramatic and optimistic with a proud and confident theme.

Description: A playful tune with a fun progression. Featuring triangles, percussions and pleasant synths. Suitable for a cartoon or a video game

Description: A grotesque and and scary children story. Doors creak and open and behind them you'll find a horrific carnival of fear. Spooky and somewhat fun, featuring door slams and scary sounds. Great for horror cartoons and games

Description: Melancholic and quiet piano piece. Very nostalgic and ironic. Excellent for dramatic scenes.

Description: Fierce and epic action track with heavy metal and orchestral touch. Raw action drive mixed with a hero theme. Suitable for trailers and big cinematic scenes. Featuring a wicked distorted bass hook and an orchestra. Breathtaking.

Description: This tune sneaks behind you like the pink panther. Perfect for comedies and children movies. Featuring a playful Fender Rhodes and drums

Description: A cinematic intense piece. Very dramatic, exciting and disturbing. Thrilling and epic. Powerful strings and vast sounding trombones. The perfect soundtrack for your extraordinary movie trailer!

Description: A suspenseful and intriguing tune with a pinch of humour. Featuring Upright piano and Fender Rhodes

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