Description: a short waltz in a minor key.

Description: opening theme of a war-oriented film or game.

Description: Starts off quiet with a floaty strange ambience, then steadily builds up with heartbeat style beats to a climax of silence. Loud beats and rhythms then surprise and give way to a key-change and final loud ending.

Description: Opens with a large brass section, is then joined by rhythmic strings and piano. Singer joins in halfway. Would suit moving scene from prowler's point of view, across fields, moving over ground.

Description: A slightly 'off' sounding theme, would do well in a disturbing nursery rhyme. Features some children singing and strange background noises.

Description: A nice segway piece, good for film of someone travelling, or walking in between scenes. Has a tense feel. Features strings and oboe.

Description: A haunting orchestral piece that gives the impression of a large forest, or expanse of green land. It has Celtic elements, such as the harp.

Description: this piece was written as an end-credits piece for a thriller movie.

Description: a very succesful underbed of tension and suspense.