Description: Elegant and mysterious piano and string track. A main piano melody plays throughout. Gradually violins are included to back up the piano melody. The result is a slightly haunting and mystical tone.

Description: Unsettling horror track that begins with creepy tinkling piano and ends with a crash.

Description: Somber and unsettling track. Sporadic piano notes ring out while creepy textures play in the background. Quite a tense and desolate tone to this with a haunting bluesy feel to it.

Description: Grandiose ballad making use of acoustic guitars, mandolins, percussion and strings. Conveys a very strong sentimental tone. Would be ideal for ambitious projects that aim to be unashamadly epic.

Description: Tense percussion driven instrumental using quick sharp guitar leads. The suspense builds towards the end as the second set of drums come in along with the horns. Would be perfect for any kind of chase or running scene.

Description: Very minimalist piano driven track with sustained organ and flute notes to provide texture. Sad and sorrowful themes here using a simple melody. Would be suitable for anything that requires a slow and quiet pace.

Description: Piano driven instrumental with an urgent determined mood. Uses orchestral strings to add more space to it and a little bit of spanish guitar has been thrown in for a bit of luck.

Description: A slow mini epic that gradually builds to its climax in the last 40 seconds. This would be ideal for any corporate, business or commercial projects that wish to convey a deep sense of inner peace .

Description: A sad and sorrowful piece with emotional orchestral strings that sweep over a piano and flute.